Anatomy of a Perfect Bathroom

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Anatomy of a Perfect Bathroom

A bathroom is such a personal space, let’s be honest.  Much of what happens inside this room is private, so it should be a place where you feel very comfortable and shielded from the outside world.  Whether you are taking time to get dressed, enjoying a hot bath or shower, taking a phone call, escaping the kids or doing less glamorous activities, we all need a private space, so why shouldn't it be beautiful?

What does your dream bathroom look and feel like?  Is it spare and clean, warm and cozy, filled with decorating or floor to ceiling tile?  What are the elements that create your perfect bathroom?

Obviously, floor materials, wall materials, lighting, storage, mirrors, and various bath accessories are all part of the mix.

But, what is it that makes your bathroom feel special and like your own?  Take a look at some of Katie’s favorite baths and see how they all feel inviting in different ways.  I hope Vanity and Company can be part of creating your very own perfect bathroom!




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