Why Everyone Deserves a Dressing Table

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Why Everyone Deserves a Dressing Table

Creating the two dressing tables for Vanity and Co was such a labor of love.  At the time, many clients were asking for makeup tables and vanities built into their bathrooms, but honestly, it was pretty difficult to make them charming.

I remember watching Downton Abbey and Lady Mary getting dressed in front of that Voctorian vanity table with her lady in waiting, pearls scrunched on the table top, brush in hand- it was all so romantic.  Even my aunt used to sit at a dressing table and slowly put makeup on for a night out and I would sit on the bed and watch her enviously.  These little moments, the shape of a lipstick, poufs of perfumes- all the visible and audible memories and nostalgia of the past make us feel warm and cared for.

I started to think about what a rush we are in to get out the door in the morning and get in bed at night; it doesn’t have to be this way.  We can return to a time where we have five minutes to look in the mirror, put on earrings and change our mind, and spend half an hour on a skincare routine before bed.  This is how we deserve to live.  

The Trudie and The Raye dressing tables are an homage to that throwback lifestyle when women took time for themselves and luxuriated; those were good times, and we all should find our way back!