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I am so excited to welcome you to Vanity and Company! And even more excited to be blogging again- (did you know my design career started as a design blogger in 2006?)..

I never intended to start this business, but that is not surprising because most of what I do is impulsive, even though I prefer to call it “organic”.  

After a  decades-long career in interior design, the concept of Vanity and Company was born out of a selfish need when I renovated my own historic home.  I simply could not find charming, free standing bath furniture that felt collected, warm and inherited, as opposed to bulky antiseptic cabinets we are all so used to. 

For me, I wanted my personal spaces, especially bathrooms, to have a real design POV and a curated feel.  Think wallpaper, patinated case pieces, marble, mixed metals, warm lighting and also all of the practical things a bathroom needs.  Sanctuarial.

Storage in a bathroom is very important, and it has to be efficient. But I wanted to find pieces that were unique (like vintage chests) that functioned like modern fine furniture.  So we made these vanities originally for me- and now for you, too.

Each of these pieces is based on an actual piece of vintage furniture I loved or something I previously created for my own clients.  

All of them are made with love and care, designed in my studio, made in our busy workshop in New Jersey (yes, New Jersey) and where each and every one is specially made to order for you.  I want you to feel as attached to these pieces as any other piece of found treasured furniture- so much so, that you want your Vanity and Company piece to come with you as you move along and travel throughout your life.